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Startup Weekend at Hack Reactor

We will be running a Startup Weekend event starting on Friday, October 2 until Sunday evening at Hack Reactor in San Francisco. A group of over 50 HR alums plus 20 visitors from Startup Catalyst in Australia. Attendees will be pitching ideas and forming ad hoc development teams for a 54-hour hackathon to build their MVP’s and present their business plans to a team of judges from the startup investment community. I’ll be posting info on the results next week.

Serious Applications

I guess it’s time to grow up!

I’ve been working in the video game area for many years with stints at Atari, GameSpy, Splash Studios, Yahoo and more but am now developing health care applications.  I made a decision to seek out a position where I could work on a project whose goal was bigger than just wasting people’s time.  I am a Senior Software Engineer at RelayHealth and have been experimenting with wearable technologies in my spare time.  I even strapped an accelerometer to my dog to grab some sample data.  There are some big ideas here to work on that are very exciting.

I’m Patrick and I’m an Online School Junkie

My MacBook Air is my classroom.

Over the past few years we been witnessing amazing growth in the field of online learning.  In just the past year I’ve completed more than 40 online classes from such places as CodeSchool,, Udemy, Mongo University, and Coursera to extend my software engineering skills.  The revolution in online learning has just been amazing.  Right now I’m studying Machine Learning from Stanford University, Data Science from Johns Hopkins, and Calculus from Ohio State.   I am a student for life.