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Passing the Half Way Point at Hack Reactor

A new cohort starts on Monday at Hack Reactor and my group moves up as “Seniors”.

This is an exciting period as we now have the time to sink into longer independent projects.  I formed a development team with three others to work on a social video app that I first conceived several years ago and have been looking forward to build.  Our tech stack is: MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node and we are using Cordova to develop for both iOS and Android.  We will have an MVP ready by next week!

MongoDB, D3, and Node Oh My!

One month in at Hack Reactor and the hits keep coming!

Being surrounded by an extremely bright set of peers and instructors for twelve (and sometimes more) hours a day helps maintain the energy level as we explore a wide range of web technologies together.  What I feared might be an exhausting pace has turned out to be quite invigorating.  Every two days I’ve partnered with a different member from my cohort of 32 to work on short sprints to develop both client and server side apps.  Today we sat in on the “senior” class demo rehearsals and it was truly inspiring.  They produced some amazing work over the past several weeks ranging from browser based 3D games to big data visualizations.  My notebook of ideas for development projects keeps growing and will likely keep me busy for some time to come!

Just like riding a bicycle!

I stopped writing code myself as I moved up the chain and settled comfortably into executive management.

After a few years as Director of this, or VP of that, the languages, libraries, and frameworks had all shifted and my distance from the code increased.  I’ve always stayed current with what particular languages and frameworks “could do” so I knew what to ask of my development teams, but the less able I was to do the work myself.   I am now back on the bicycle pedaling as fast as I can and have reactivated my dormant skills.  I love writing code! I love the feeling of satisfaction you get when your creation comes to life.  I love finding and fixing bugs. I’ll never again leave this particular bicycle in the garage for too long.