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I am currently looking at opportunities for my next career adventure. I am a software engineer and would like to find a position where I can contribute both my technical and management skills. I recently finished a sabbatical where I completed the program at Hack Reactor in San Francisco to sharpen my software engineering skills.

Specialties: Web and Mobile Product Development, User Experience and User Interface Design, Management, Analytics and Strategic Planning

Development: Javascript, PhoneGap, JQuery, CoffeeScript, D3, MySQL, MongoDB, Angular, Node.js, HTML5, CSS

Products I have worked on include: Microsoft Windows, PowerPoint, Yahoo! Games, Atari.com, Barbie.com and HotWheels.com, McDonald’s HappyStudio.com, The All-Seeing Eye, GameSpy Arcade, FilePlanet, Fin Fin the Virtual Pet, Splash Kids Online Magazine, Piper CD-ROM, MrSwap.com, MacSpell+, GamersFirst.com, Atari’s Greatest Hits, and more.

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