Monthly Archives: January 2014

Just like riding a bicycle!

I stopped writing code myself as I moved up the chain and settled comfortably into executive management.

After a few years as Director of this, or VP of that, the languages, libraries, and frameworks had all shifted and my distance from the code increased.  I’ve always stayed current with what particular languages and frameworks “could do” so I knew what to ask of my development teams, but the less able I was to do the work myself.   I am now back on the bicycle pedaling as fast as I can and have reactivated my dormant skills.  I love writing code! I love the feeling of satisfaction you get when your creation comes to life.  I love finding and fixing bugs. I’ll never again leave this particular bicycle in the garage for too long.

Completed Week One at Hack Reactor

The first week of intense coding and instruction at Hack Reactor ended Saturday night and I had one day to relax on Sunday before diving into week two on Monday morning to start our next sprints.

I’ve written code for handling data structures such as stacks, queues, linked lists, sets, hashes, binary search trees and more.   The classroom structure and the instructors do a great job of moving us through a lot of material very effectively.  This is followed by pair programming where we work through the presented test-driven projects together .  We also get the backup of summoning an instructor via a help request from our station.  It all works very efficiently.

Great to be back in San Francisco

After 10 years in LA I have moved back to the Bay Area.

I’ve also lived in New York, Seattle, Phoenix, Ann Arbor, Washington DC, Albany, and Laguna Beach and this is the place that most feels like home.  Laguna Beach wasn’t bad either.   My house is in Alameda and I enjoy commuting via ferry and bicycle.  I’m currently enrolled in the Hack Reactor software engineering bootcamp in San Francisco where I will be until April 6th.  We’ll see what comes after that!